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Welcome to Griffey Eye Care & Laser Center

At Griffey Eye Care & Laser Center in Chesapeake, Virginia, our doctors and staff are dedicated to providing you with the most thorough, gentle, and modern service for your eye care needs. With over 50 years of combined service and experience in coastal Virginia as well as North Carolina we are dedicated to helping you see clearly.

Our highly-trained staff provide our patients with the most up-to-date technical and surgical techniques, with a personal touch. We take the time to ensure that each of our patients are fully informed of their options regarding cataract surgery, glaucoma treatment, vision correction, PRK or LASIK Surgery, eyeglasses, contact lenses, preventative or ongoing care, and whatever is needed to ensure the best eye care possible. At Griffey Eye Care, your eyes are our focus.

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Selena Cabral

I sent my mom to Dr. Griffey for a 2nd opinion on her eyes. Years later, I am still satisfied with the care he has provided. She had an appointment today and Dr. Griffey called me personally to discuss my concerns. WOW!!!!! GREAT PROVIDER!!!!!! I also referred my dad to him after a bad cataract surgery elsewhere.  Dr Griffey did his 2nd eye without complications. THANK YOU for taking care of my parents! I have 30+ years in the business as a licensed optician and have worked with many doctors, I would recommend Dr. Griffey to any patient for care!!!!!!!!!!


I have been a patient of Dr. Griffey, since 2012. I'm born, raised, formal education, retired Law Enforcement, City of Virginia Beach, VA. After moving to Atlanta, I felt I could not find the care I needed, so I travel back and forth to receive my care. I will not allow anyone to see me. Well worth the trip, and will continue to do so!
Thank you for being The Best…

Beth K

"I recently went to my family doctor for pain I’d been having in my eye that was moving down my neck. I’d been waiting to have an MRI scheduled, and it was taking forever. I  wanted to get a second opinion about what course of action should be taken. My husband and daughter are both patients at this practice and have always received stellar treatment.  Dr. Griffey took very good care of me and went the extra step to send a letter to my family doctor while I was still there to concur with what they had said and also confirm that he would suggest an MRI as well. I was very impressed with him and his patient care.  And, I appreciate the staff (particularly Tara and Benita) in scheduling me in as soon as possible.  I would highly recommend this practice! Thank you all again for your help." 

Barbara and Eddie

"We both underwent cataract surgery, in both eyes. Barbara's was in September of 2018. Mine was in December 2018. We both had excellent experiences, from her first visit, to my last. Dr. Griffey, as well as everyone on his staff, (that we came in contact with), were prompt and very professional. Yet, at the same time they were relaxed and very friendly. We were very impressed that everyone, asked, if we had any questions.
And, we can both see 20/20 again!!.
There was an general atmosphere of confidence and calmness throughout his practice, as well as within the Chesapeake Surgical Center. That made us both feel very comfortable, and well cared for. We have never before experienced such a well run practice. We have, (and will continue to), highly recommend Dr. Griffey to anyone who needs eye care."

C. Blount

I was referred to Dr. Griffey by several people. I was told he was an excellent ophthalmologist, and they were right. This was my first time meeting him and he made me feel so safe, comfortable and confident that he was providing me with the best and most knowledgeable treatment I could ask for. As I sat in the chair, I observed him interact with a baby he kissed on the forehead, it was so special to see him do that because it showed a gentle side of him, and his interaction with his assistants was nice, professional and straight to the point of what he needed in order to help his patient, I remember him saying to one of them that he was not going to let me leave until he reviewed a report from another doctor about my condition and that really made me feel special because it showed his concern. I don’t think I could have asked for a better doctor. Thank you Dr. Griffey for being the best and hats off to your father and grandfather.

M. Catherine

I had a wonderful first appointment. The staff is attentive and the techs and doctors are knowledgeable and take their time really getting to know their patients. So happy to have found them.

M.Bailey Buck

I travel from Atlanta, Georgia to see Dr. Griffey, MD, and board certified Ophthalmologist. Dr. Griffey has performed two surgeries on me and I would trust him to do anything he deems necessary. The staff is fantastic and I would recommend Dr. Griffey, to all that needed to see a competent Ophthalmologist!!!

P. Brangan

I want to thank everyone at Chesapeake Eye Care for their care on a recent visit. I had an accident involving my eye and even though they were booked, the receptionist worked me in that day. The technician and Dr. Fox saw me promptly and performed a thorough exam. I was very pleased with both of them and appreciated their kindness and professionalism.

K. Kroll

My dad had cataract surgery a couple years ago. I was a little nervous for him, he’d been resisting getting surgery for so long. However, the staff and Dr. Griffey were wonderful to him and everything went very smoothly. He had a great experience, and I am thankful to them for making him so comfortable.

E. McConnell

The best thing I ever did was get LASIK surgery; it is unbelievable how I can see 20/20. When I get in bed at night I still think … wait….no, I don’t have to take my contacts out and it’s been 3 months. It was wonderful in Mexico also with not having to worry about contacts and all the solutions to bring with me. I had an amazing experience with my LASIK surgery with Dr. Paul Griffey and his staff! I would definitely recommend him to friends and family!!!


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