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Allergy and Eyes

Redness. Itching. Watery eyes.
These are some of the first symptoms allergy eye sufferers notice.

“Not only is it distracting and annoying, but it also can affect your vision,” said Dr. Rob Fox, who has been practicing optometry for 15 years.

Although today’s multi-symptom allergy medications at the grocery store do wonders for runny noses and sneezing, most of them have no effect on eye allergy symptoms such as swelling, itching and tearing.

Thankfully, eye allergies are easy to diagnose and treat at Griffey Eye Care and Laser Center.

In fact, today’s prescription eye medications can even prevent eye allergies in the first place. Patients take them before their symptoms begin. One drop in the morning is often all it takes.

“Many of our patients don’t get any symptoms at all,” Fox said.

Treatment for eye allergies is extremely important for people who wear contact lenses. Sometimes, lipids and proteins from the body’s tears can bind to a lens, Dr. Fox said. These deposits can lead to a certain type of allergic reaction.

“Using eye drops in the morning and wearing daily disposable contact lenses usually solve any problems,” Dr. Fox said.

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